A Dazzling Day

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stacy still hasn’t changed my password though wtf

and after all the humbug i made about leaving, too

so i’m going to reblog this one photoset i’m spying on my dash before i go again


Today’s the day guys!

I told Stacy to change my password in around half an hour, but I’ll be gone before then.

I kinda feel like crying a little, tbh. You can talk about it for so long and expect it to feel a certain way but when it actually happens it never ends up the way you thought it would.

Man I didn’t even make that many friends on here, but I still love the lot of you, even the people who aren’t even active anymore. I can’t stress that enough. You guys are the real reason why it’s so difficult for me to leave.

Good bye! Wish me luck on everything! And I wish all of you luck on your endeavors as well (:




this is your LAST CHANCEto contact me before I leave on an indefinite hiatus. if you want

  • my contact info (phone, Facebook, e-mail, whichever)
  • to say something to me, positive or negative idk,
  • to ask me anything
  • to say goodbye

please do it now or tomorrow afternoon because I am leaving after school around 4pm central time.

I WILL COME BACK SOMEDAY, it’s just going to take however long I need. so if you keep following me or you unfollow me, I don’t really mind I’m just not going to be here during that time.

I’m not actually deleting though. My friend will change my password so that I can come back when I’m good and ready. so if you actually send any asks after tomorrow there might be a chance that she’ll notify me if she actually goes on my tumblr during my absence.

thank you! I love you all! I will miss you all! and these past two years have been a lot of fun. I’m glad to have gotten to know some of you.

I’ll see you someday!

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"Bisexuals find themselves erased in history. Many famous people―such as Marlene Dietrich, June Jordan, Freddie Mercury, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Walt Whitman―have been labeled as lesbian or gay for their same-sex relationships, yet their long-term relationships with different-sex partners are ignored or their importance minimized. This disrespects the truth of their lives for the sake of a binary conception of sexual orientation. It also makes it more difficult for bisexuals just coming out to find role models."

- http://www.sf-hrc.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=989  (via exgf)

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Amanda: hehehe you could totally find someone to replace me and fill your dash with fma but thank you for understanding!

and dude feel free to bother me any time about your fma feels and headcanons BECAUSE I LOVE TALKING ABOUT HEADCANONS


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